About Our Correspondence Program


The Correspondence study program allows you to pay for one lesson at a time and to complete each lessons at your own pace.


·         Each unit of study contains 1 lesson.

·         Units of study may be completed in any order.

·         You must complete all the lessons in one unit before beginning another unit.

Example: If you are working on the Faith unit, do not request another unit until all lessons in the Faith unit have been completed. Each unit of study must be completed in full.

Classes Offered?




1.  Foundations of Faith        

2.  Make Your Vision Clear   

3.  Ministry of Helps                 

4.  Prayer   

5.  Christian Development 

6.  Redemption Realities

7.  Soul Winning     

8.  Blood Covenant  

9.  Bapitism in the Holy Spirit

10.  Grace  

11.  Financial Management

12.  Bible Survey 1,2,3, and 4 

13.  Praise & Worship

14.  Becoming a Leader

15.  Healing





1.  Gifts of the Spirit 1 & 2        

2.  Excellence in Ministry

3.  Hermeneutics                

4.  Sermon Preparation   

5.  Church Planting 1 & 2

6.  Marriage, Ministry and the Family

7.  Gift of the Apostle

8.  Gift of the Evangelist

9.  Gift of the Pastor

10. Gift of the Prophet

11. Gift of the Teacher

12.  Leadership

13.  Sermon Presentation

14.  Church Organization and Management

15.  Funerals, Eulogy, and Grief Counseling

16.  Premarital Counseling, & Weddings




·         After completing all the lessons in each unit, you will receive a certificate of completion for that unit.

·         When all  units are completed, an MTI diploma will be awarded to you.

Tuition, Books, & Notes Payment Fees

·         One Time Registration Fee $10.00

·         Members $25.00

·         Non - Members $35.00

·         You must call or Email to get prices for Books, Notes, and Shipping.



For your convenience, you may register in one of the following ways:

·         Call toll-free 1-602-332-0837.

·         Visit our Web site—www.mtilive.org —24 hours a day. Fill out Application

·         E-Mail your completed application form to mtionline54@gmail.com

·         Mail your completed application form with payment to:


P.O. Box 67673

Phoenix, AZ 85082

When registering, select your desired first unit of study. Please note that you will not receive all the lessons for a unit at once. 


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